UPDATE 2010!!!

After many years of attending courses and teaching several myself, I came to the above realization quoted from Mr. George Bernard Shaw.

Most of my "professional" educators of the past did teach me a few valuable things, but I could see from their personalities that they couldn't make it in the outside world dealing with customers and such.  Or, they were just trying to sell me their machines, product .........whatever.  No one really cared about the craft (even though a few can put on a good show for new ones).  They just cared about the easy money for themselves and would only help you down the road if you were buying their products.

I also knew that I could make it in the world of business (as I still was at the time and continue to do so now) and did not need to make a living from teaching (not much of a living by the way).  Besides, it was frustrating to see many students struggle with growing their marble restoration business while listening to other "teachers" who never did or could make it in the business realm and who also tried to service their customers with "quick-fix" solutions and cheap equipment instead of doing things the way I taught them.

Another frustration was in spending my time away from my own business and customers helping others get their start while having nothing to show for it but the money from a 3 day course that did not last long.  And in reality, what could I really teach anyone in a 3 day course?  A few tricks?  Confidence to learn at the customer's expense?

To really teach someone the skills, the customers, the business end and the marketing would take weeks. And just who I thought, would invest in what it takes to do it right?  Well I came to the conclusion that obviously someone who valued the price of experience and actually thought about it would appreciate the years it would take to start on their own, not to mention the number of mistakes that could be made in those first years that could set you back even further.

So it would have to be someone who was seriously committed to doing it right with the right knowledge and equipment and it was then that I had an Eureka moment!   If someone is that smart and that committed to want to invest in a serious education and equipment, then I want to be in business with them.  I can teach them, lend them my name and reputation while still "doing" as Mr. Shaw says above. And in doing so, I help them grow quicker and instead of charging what all that education is worth up front, they continue to help me by paying me a small percentage over time.  And the beautiful part of the whole scenario is that they will be able to charge a lot more right off the start for their services because they will be experienced and have a well known name backing them.  THAT my friends is called win-win.  And THAT is why I no longer teach to the masses.






Marble and Granite Restoration and Polishing

An intensive hands-on course

Great Northern Stone is pleased to present MARBLE AND GRANITE RESTORATION AND POLISHING - an Intensive hands-on instruction course to teach you how to restore natural stone floors, countertops, showers and walls. Plus, this course includes a bonus section on concrete polishing and hard surface cleaning.

Learn from the pros
The course is given by Tom McNall, so you'll be learning from a seasoned stone pro. Whether you’ve been working with stone for years or are ready to learn a new trade, this course is designed to give you what you need to prepare you for the lucrative field of stone restoration.

Class Agenda: 80% Hands On!......Or more!
You will work extensively with a 4HP, 220V or 2.5HP, 110V planetary head marble grinding machine and feel the stone flatten beneath it. You will also experience a 110V mono-rotary head machine, so that you can see and feel the difference between the machines.

Quotes From Satisfied Attendees:

Hi Tom, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the hands on class in Phoenix, I’ve been to a lot of schools over the years and I have to say when you said hands on you were not kidding, boy was I tired after the first day, I don’t mean brain tired from reading books but body tired from running machines. We had real life situations like removing lippage from marble, granite, and travertine, and then filling the travertine, and polishing. Letting us make mistakes then showing us how to resolve them, more like the real world!  We had great interaction with Brian and you and the rest of the class. I came away with enough knowledge and skills to start my restoration business.

Thank You, 

Phil Campbell   

Just wanted to tell everyone what a great stone restoration class Tom McNall put on in Phoenix. Not having done any restoration, I went to see if a move in this direction would be feasible and and what it really takes to be successful in stone restoration. I came away with the knowledge and confidence that this is a great opportunity.


Bob Carr


One Year Later (Click to see what they say a year after the course)

What you will learn...

  • Geology of stone, Identification of stone, Physical & Chemical testing - Learn to recognize what you are going to be working on.

  • Production Quarrying Fabrication Polishing - Learn how it got from the quarry to the stone you see in your customer’s home or business

  • Restoration principles - The how’s and why’s of restoring stone.
  • Troubleshooting: Identifying cleaning & restoration problems - How to tell if your client needs just cleaning, and when they need true restoration

  • Marble, Granite & Other Natural Stone Restoration & Polishing - Learn only tried and true methods and why they are superior to other methods
    • Lippage removal
    • Honing
    • Polishing - Powder and Diamond Polishing and quick polishing techniques

  • Concrete Polishing
    • Basic concrete polishing techniques and equipment

  • Sealing Stone & Other Surfaces
    • Learn proper application techniques
    • Choosing the correct sealer for the job
    • Understand what should be sealed and what doesn't

  • Stone Repairs
    • Removing etching & water rings/marks
    • Blending edges
    • Fixing cracks, chips and holes

  • Equipment & Tools
    • Overview - Know the best available equipment for better production time and impressive results

    • Field repairs - Keeping it running to minimize down time

    • Diamonds for grinding, honing & polishingwhat works, what doesn’t and why.







                                           Daily (9:00 am to 4:00 pm)


WHERE: At either our head office in Canada or our new facilities in Brownsville TX


COST: $ 1295.00 Includes Manual and Catered Lunch

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In Memory of Our Dear Friend Brian

There can never be another "Stoner"  He will be missed.